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granny 2347552 pixabay"I learned a lot about investing from your class that I did not know from years of watching the TV financial gurus.  I only wish that I had taken the class years ago, before making the financial mistakes that reduced my retirement income. You offer a wonderful service to the community of Prescott."    - MG

Fundamentals of Investing for Retirees

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Fundamentals of Investing for Retirees

Designed to help investors become more confident about making financial decisions, the easy-to-grasp format of this class provides a broad knowledge of investments preferred by investors approaching or already in retirement. Learn the ins and outs of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities and more. Topics include: recognizing risk, controlling the tax impact of IRA withdrawals, avoiding common investment mistakes, and simple risk reducing strategies that anyone can use. No investments will be offered or promoted.

YC Fundamentals of Investing for Retirees:  

Click this link to be transferred to the Yavapai College site for registration.  Wednesdays, 10/4/2017 - 10/18/2017;  2:00 - 4:00 PM

Hepburn Capital Management in the News

qcbn logoQuad Cities Business News, February 2016

...Hepburn published an article on BTC in December 2013 “after being asked to do a presentation that included Bitcoin to the regional Mensa convention in Phoenix. The interest then was the result of a recent spike in Bitcoin pricing that had generated much media attention. It was the kind of price bubble that is often created by speculators or operators of ‘pump and dump’ schemes.  read more


“The New Retirement Reality” - Forget about it!

Will Hepburn, Hepburn Capital Management

Featured Speaker



 Pass The Marmalade -
European Banks May Be Toast

By Will Hepburn
September 19, 2011

There is an old saying in the investment world that is taking on new meaning these days, "Bulls can make money, and bears can make money, but pigs (now including PIIGS owners) usually get slaughtered."

InvestmentNews_logoCredit Suisse analyst: No more QE2? No problem 

By Dan Jamieson
May 2, 2011 4:15 pm ET

“The biggest concern about the Fed's action in the bond market are not its holdings of Treasury debt, but its role in buying new issues," said Will Hepburn, founder of Hepburn Capital Management LLC and a former NAAIM president.

August 29, 2010 6:01 am ET


"Many of the people starting to trade more actively [on these theories] are relatively naïve,” said Will Hepburn, founder of Hepburn Capital Management LLC which manages $32 million in assets, and a former president of the National Association of Active Investment Managers Inc. “They use someone else's [system] and just apply it blindly.

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Hailing fiduciary standards from Prescott

by Russ Wiles
"It will take a while before we truly understand all the ramifications of the new financial-industry reform bill, but Will Hepburn of Hepburn Capital Management in Prescott is happy about one provision..."

By Alexandra Twin, senior writer
May 24, 2010: 8:43 AM ET

"Everyone's nervous right now," said Will Hepburn, chief investment officer at Hepburn Capital Management.  "We're seeing things unfold in Europe similar to the credit crisis we had here," he said. "Everyone's looking at this unfold and is deciding to stand on the sidelines until it settles."



Why we'll skip a double-dip

By Jessica Toonkel Marquez
May 23, 2010 6:01 am ET


“I don't think we've got a double-dip recession because we're starting to pull out of the [economic] nose dive we were in,” said Will Hepburn, founder of Hepburn Capital Management LLC, which has $30 million under management.