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The Edge We Can Provide . . .

happy_coupleOver the years we have found that the secret to successful investing is to have more money in investments that are going up and less money in investments that are going down.

This is a simple yet powerful concept! At Hepburn Capital Management, LLC, we systematically move our clients into investments that are showing superior performance. To protect the value of your portfolio, we also move funds out of those investments that are showing weakness. Although the concept is simple, it is not easy. Our sophisticated investment management system is what gives our clients a significant edge over buy and hold investing.






Our Strategies Adapt to Changing Markets®

Respecting your comfort (or lack of comfort) with risk, our advisers will help you select the Adaptive Market Strategy® designed to provide the easiest path to your financial goals.consultation

Once these core decisions are made, the managers of HCM’s various Adaptive Market Strategies® take over the management of your account, and begin to make investment selections with the results you want as our guideline.


We will watch the financial markets for you—so you no longer have to worry about them. And, when the financial markets change we take the responsibility to change your investments because HCM’s strategies are specially designed to Adapt to Changing Markets®.



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